Here are some answers to your commonly asked questions.

What genres do you specialize in?

I work with all genres, both non-fiction and fiction. If it’s something I’m not used to, then new challenges push me harder, and if it’s something I’m familiar with, staying in a comfort zone is always nice!

What is the difference between a normal book cover and an illustration?

An illustration is something drawn entirely from scratch. My book covers are usually done through adding stock images together, and at most will involve simple graphical illustrations if any are involved. Although I try to achieve a fantasy look sometimes, photos can be quite limiting. You will have to hire my illustrator if you want something fully rendered.

When should I get an illustration?

If you have a very specific idea in mind, and want your character depicted accurately on the cover, you should contract an illustration. Illustrations are best for fantasy, science fiction and children book genres, where the environments, creatures and costumes are difficult to find in real life. The same surreal effects can be achieved by bashing photos around, but an illustration would give a more accurate depiction. They also tend to look more fluid in the end because the artist isn’t limited to what models they can find.

What is a stock image?

I get most of my stock images from Shutterstock. Stock images are pre-taken images by photographers for no specific project. They are sold at low-cost to people who need them, like designers, worldwide. They are the only way I sustain making these book covers, which are considered low-budget for an art project.

The common pitfall is these images can be re-used. Thus, you run the risk of having the same image on your cover on another books. I try to circumvent this by piecing together multiple images for a unique look. Many of my covers contain 10-20 images.

What is your wait time?

Please check my contact page for more the latest updates on my wait time. I normally book out 2-3 months in advance, but you can order a rush cover if you need it earlier.

What am I allowed to do with my book cover?

Anything you want! I only want to maintain the right to display it on my portfolio. The only restriction is print-on-demand goods, which Shutterstock does not allow. If you order an illustration, however, there aren’t any restrictions.

Can you design my logo?

Logos are part of my skill set, but I’d rather not. My expertise is in book cover design, which I dedicate nearly 100% of my time on. Sadly, as much as I want to be good at everything, I’m not. A logo designer who specializes in that field will give you something much better.